The Success behind Consistency

Success’ key

Consistency is the cautious, continuous repetition of an action which involves staying true and diligent to set goals and objectives over a stipulated period.

Thomas Alva Edison

In 1879, Thomas Alva Edison created the first light Bulb. It is beyond doubt, this was arguably one of many pivot points in the history of humanity. However, beyond this humungous achievement by Thomas, the story behind the light bulb has been the most prevalent. How Mr Edison was able to make the light bulb through consistency and hard work became more important in recent years, after failing countless number of times.

Consistency is a vital part of Success and it is important to make it a part of one’s life. It’s almost impossible to see anyone who was successful without being consistent. Taking people like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates or even regular successful athletes etc, into consideration, it’s clear that they all have routines which they are consistent with and is a key factor in their daily successes.

Consistency is not an easy habit to cultivate, but with discipline and perseverance, it can be formed. There are several ways to learning how to be consistent and the steps given here will ensure that this habit is nurtured and mastered if practised.

keep your eyes on the ‘why’

First, It is very important to always stay motivated and according to research if humans don’t have a purpose they easily lose their drive and eventually quit. You need to look at the future, the reason why you started in the first place and always remind yourself about that reason.

Pick Your Battle

You need to pick your battle, not battles. This means that a particular thing should be your major focus at a particular time or period of time to enable you to channel all your attention on it. The truth is if you want to reap the fruit of consistency, which is success, you have to drop some things to focus on others. Research carried out by doctors in the US has proven that 98% of Men can’t quit smoking and sugar at the same time they are more likely to fail at both, instead, they are advised to quit one at a time and after which they can quit the other. Consistency requires a focus and if anything will disrupt this focus it should be halted till your goals are achieved.

Schedule it

Stephen Covey said, “don’t prioritise your schedule, schedule your priorities”. What this means is whenever you have a schedule, aim at fulfilling all your goals in that schedule. Do not prioritise one over the other, rather halt all other things that may be stealing your time and are not in your schedule so you can create more time for your schedule.

Sometimes you need to ignore your feelings

Sometimes you need to ignore your feelings because most times your feelings and emotions won’t allow you to do what you need to do. Hence, you must find that will power to push such feelings away. A man said, if you do something long enough, you eventually become that thing. You begin to love it.

Catch that wagon

Don’t think if you miss out on a day you’ve missed out on everything and you’re not being consistent. This is a lie that has turned many consistent people into quitters. No matter what, you should carry on and try to cover up for lost days.

Measure your progress

It is very important to measure your progress this is because when we don’t see results and we don’t notice changes while putting in the work, in most cases, we are more likely to give up. You must track your progress this adds some level of confidence towards your achievements.

Put yourself under pressure

It’s very important to put yourself under pressure this is because without this pressure sometimes you are not forced to do things. It’s very important that you have people looking up to you because that will go a long way in pushing you beyond your limits and as such being more consistent.

Surely, you will be more consistent with these simple tips when adopted, there’s no better time to start adopting them than now.



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